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It is with great sadness but with the protection of our people at heart that the churches affiliated to Hartlepool Churches Together have suspended all activities during this COVID-19 pandemic.

These are unprecendented actions which did not happen even during either of the two World Wars but we must be sensible and do whatever we need to do in order to protect our people and even prevent our people passing on the virus to others.

We have already heard of hundreds and thousands of deaths worldwide and we can remember the relatives of these people who will be finding life so difficult in dealing with their grief but also hoping that they have not contacted the virus themselves.

Please, if you pray, continue to pray for the protection of our country and our town that this Coronavirus will quickly end and life can return to some sense of normality.

It may be some time before we can gather together again in our own individual churches but that does not prevent us from continuing to worship our wonderful Saviour Jesus through reading our Bible, through prayer and through singing our worship songs.  There are many worship songs available to sing along to on YouTube if you do not have any worship CDs at home.

Until church as we knew it returns, keep safe and keep trusting God.


About us


Although Christian Churches have many styles and flavours, we all worship the one True God, known through three persons; The Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.


We express that worship in different ways and the details of our beliefs may vary, but there is just one universal Christian Church and the Churches in Hartlepool are part of that.


We work together in various ways and have times of prayer and times of fun together. We want to share the Good News of Jesus with Hartlepool.


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